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i  could not understand the language


I liked the start of this game, the close up of Ritch was super adorable! >W< however my main issue is with the fact that Ritch is meant to be in high school, yet if you look him up (I didn't specify Ritch, I just wanted to know what a lombaroo was) there is a ton of fedidge art of him :/ I understand in some parts of the world outside of the US, the AOC is under 18, but I can't help but feel like a creep playing the game after seeing this.

Oh like, you saw contents of him on FA or something?



understandable. But in the next VN he will be 25 years old


Awesome! can't wait for it!

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"Ok guys, I have a huge announcement for you. After many thoughts, I've decided to stop EFW, at least the way it is now."

"Raising money for a new vn!"

No offense meant, but if your unable to complete a project your already working on, why should we offer money for a new project that might get the same treatment? I don't mean this in a rude way, but from an investing standpoint you would be a high risk investment.

Im not saying your content isn't good, nor am I saying I wouldn't fund it. However I am wary of funding even someone's whose work I enjoyed in the past, when they show a history of abandoning projects. 


i understand your point of view. In the first project, I was new and alone, then I've made bad choices. I tryed restarting it and things went better, but being abandonned over and over got my mood down. 

I also got the feeling that my project wasn't worth my fans' patience, thats why I decided to restart from 0. This time I have a strong team with me, and I won't post until I'm satisfyed!


i miss this game




KYS if you like this


if this is being made through rnply then i can help you with the coding


entering Furry world sounds terrible 

I'd die instead




Let me help you, if you may. We shall make the most valuable grave for the most creative comment of this story.

then go away, and stop writing mean comments, also your saying that if someone kidnapped you and said they would kill you if you didnt play it you would choose to die? that sounds more idiotic then "cool"

No need to reply to this kind of person, all they want is attention

ok I guess ur right😊✌👍


u did a great job but can u put guns on it like shotgun and make it gore game and thanks :)


Not really


society :( 




/\ do what they said

Note to RitchLombaroo:

This VN was actually quite fun to read through. I had v 1.2.2 downloaded with Korby in it and also loved his teasing nature. Maybe I just miss that version more or somehow miss Korby XD He was really cute :3

I noticed your English has improved so much too. Although I am usually a picky reader, I do love reading things made by people whose 1st language is not English just because it has a uniqueness of its own. It is actually a big reason why I like this VN so much. It reminds me of having to watch Code Lyoko in French when my 1st and 2nd languages are English and Arabic.

Considering this is a highschool themed VN it gave me a lot of nostalgia for those times. It made me glad to come across this VN.

Thank you for creating this, and although it seems like work to you, I do hope you find the passion for writing up VNs some day.

thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed my vn, and hope you will enjoy the next one(s) !


goofy ahh animal game


Is the game broken I can't download it

It shouldn't be. Maybe you downloaded the wrong version. Make sure to download the .apk for android, the mac version for mac, etc.

I think it's a me problem I download the apk and it keep getting removed saying forbidden

try deleting your earlier version of the game?

I will do try

Try ONLY downloading this game and nothing else


So sad to here the news, I was REALLY enjoying the vn so far, so it's quite a shame it just stops here... :(

But I understand your struggle with motivation and lack of ideas. As you said, the spark is just... gone. Either way, I wish you all the best for the future and your next projects!

Keep up the great work you were doing so far! ^^


Thank you ^^


I'm sorry to hear you've lost the drive to continue this game, but maybe your next project will be even better! I'll be here to cover whatever you make!

Thanks for your support!

Hey Ritch, I wish you'd continue updating this visual novel. In fact, I will donate at least $1 a month toward this visual novel, starting today, if you will continue updating it every month. And I'm sure if everyone who reads this comment donates at least $1 a month, you could make some pretty good and large updates to it every month. Please, update this VN at least once a month. And also, to the readers who read this comment, please, donate at least $1 a month to support RitchLombaroo in the production of "Enter Furry World".

Oh my, thank you very much for your donation. Your will to cheer me up brings me a smile, But I'm afraid you are wasting your money right now. Though, if you can wait some more, there's something huge coming. Though it's sadly not EFW. If you want to learn more about it, you can come on the discord server. I'm looking at the messages everydays.

I see, I honestly absolutely love EFW, that's why I really want to see more of it. It's honestly the first visual novel I ever absolutely fell in love with. It would bring me and, I'm sure, a lot of your fans great joy to see it being updated again.

Oh thank you <3 

Like I said, you are very welcome to come on the server, the link is on the game's page

The link is right here

The beginning says that the MC pronouns will be they/them, but in v2.0.1 the pronouns are showing up as he/him


translation mistake, thank you for telling me

Can you please link any other visual novels with rabbits in(male and female)

Tennis ace

Really cool game, but there are some sprites that have not been coloured in and Ritch's photo is missing. Besides that, this is a fantastic game, and I cannot wait for more!



Please can you add a Rabbit


fun fact, I originaly planned to put a rabbit called Shiro in the story. But I instead decided to put a dragon


can you still add him as a 5th character in the next update please

4 is already hard. If you want a rabbit main character, you can play NeveN, or Repeat


Can you link it please

Gonna be covering your game on my Youtube channel to drum up more interest in this project!

oh! Please share your youtube link!


(91) A World of Furry Cuties Awaits!- Enter Furry World #1 - YouTube

Thanks for linking it!

Yeah, no problem.

Thank you!!

Next update Release date and are you single or working with others people for this vn ?

Hello, I was single, but now I do have a team with me

Question  wenn is the next update  i don't want to be rude  i like your game but i need  Answers  and keep the good work  no overworkeding 

it shouldn't be long. I can't give a clear answer, as the team is still new

Is there a gay relationship (NSFW or not) between the first 2 characters.

No nsfw but a relationship is possible

Ok, I'm interested, I hope it is rewarding?AKA human/furry?

I hope you guys will like it when the story will reach this point!

Deleted 298 days ago



i don't really understand it either-







Aaaaah thanks for the cue

tf 💀💀💀💀💀


By the gods, fear it, Laurence.


Farewell, good hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world


the elevator music when you walk into the restaurant had me dyeing on the floor laughing it caught me off guard


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I played Version 1.1 way back when it was first made, and then completely forgot about it, so I'm glad to have found it again!

i'm glad you did too!

You made an awesome VN, I love the changes you've made to it over the past update, I can't wait to see more as I love Ritch and would want to learn more about the characters.

Thank you! I'm glad you like my game ^^


dont post a story up date fbtw is out soon uplode it a bit after

Sorry my english is not very good.. May you repeat please?


i am just saying to not post the update on the same day as  Far Beyond the World its biggeryou can say you dont like it  or its not good but its a biger vn  so it will take most of  people's attention your vn is good but  is still  growing you dont have to do what i say but just giveing  my opinion

I honestly didn't lol, but thanks for the advise

Hej rich, there is a little problem in Android version,it started with French language which I don't understand so I wanted to select English language but I cant. (I don't understand French sorry lol)

Thanks for the bug report! I was already aware of it, and I believe I fixed it ^^

this game is very good i played the last ver and menu is better  and some new characters  

Intriguing story and stupidly full of potential, but at this moment it needs a little polishing.

What do you mean? :o

I apologize for the length of the text, but to explain better, this is going to be a necessary evil.

This VN is fun (I especially loved Gogo, because he's my favorite character so far) with cool characters to interact with, cool interactions between them, unique designs without being weird or exaggerated, script going well, song timing a little off, but that doesn't interfere much with the immersion.

In short, full of potential, because it's being made with love and you can feel it (Especially in interactions with this very cute Lombaroo) that's why I say it's a VN stupidly full of potential, it's going very well.

But some bugs like the saves (Other players have already talked about) some sprites that don't appear correctly and the fact that it's still being produced is what I mean by "Needs a little more polishing"

It's kind of like seeing a really good, amazing pilot episode, but it's not quite done yet.

A few (many) words from a player who loved your work :)


Oh I see! Well I'm glad the game is appealing to you, and your description truly shows it ^^

I heard your little bugs, and do not worry, they will be fixed. The saving problem is really weird, but yes, I am working on it!

For the character sprites, a new artist was hired for the game. They are coming :)

I'm glad the creator is interested in feedback, so I'll take the opportunity and ask.

Do you mind if your players keep reporting bugs? Because a very bizarre thing happened when Gogo comes to our house in the game and I didn't know whether to post a comment warning about the bug or if I'm just being annoying...


feedbacks and bug reports are always welcome and help for the experience of the project too! If you want, we have a discord you can join by using the link in the description of the game. There's a "bug report" channel


Right here


I love your game but the problem is right now when you updated it every time I exit out I have to restart the game even if I try loading the game I saved and automatically send me to start screen where I have to redo it all over the name thing and everything other than that and like I said I love it just wish you fix that problem 😀

Thank you, I will definitely do, don't worry!

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Yas update, there are parts where I got confused in the story or sound weird to me (maybe just to me) but overall great concept, and I can't wait to see more updates.

Oh and I don't know if it's my laptop or the game but when I try to load a save it always restarts the story from the beginning. Other than that keep up the great work I'm loving it.

Btw maybe you can add something like "English in the options menu" here on the page for people who don't know


i heard about this issue yes, thank you ^^

Good idea!

First time playing this VN and it was very enjoyable! Looking forward to future updates. ^^

Thank you!


an update that isnt an update, but a re write, in a language 99% of the world doesnt speak.  Good luck with that.  Moving on now....

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If you come just to be an asshole, better not comment at all. Thank you.

For your comment in the ratings, there is an english version.. Not my fault if you can't bother LOOK the game

Dude. . . uncool


Q.Q damn... I take it the English version is far off, then?

What do you mean far off?

Oh? I thought because xou're rewriting that we'd have to wait a while for a translation "^__^


oh no no, the english version is in the options!

Oh really O.O?? Aah! :D thank xou, thank xou! \n_n/ I saw the post xou made about rewriting in French and then the FR on the zip file and assumed the English version would come later "^^, thankx for responding or I might have waited for nothing  xD


Yes sorry for the confusion, I forgot to change the files names ^^"

Now it's done, hopefully there won't be any more confusing!

This is awesome

I downloaded, played, and finished all the paths of the current update in one evening ^^ without surprise, I really enjoyed playing it !
I made a long review in my rating x3 I just like to share my impressions while playing
I hope it will help ! If someone is brave enough to read it x)

Thanks a lot for this cool experience Ritch ! I'm looking forward to see more when it will come in the future  :3

Hi, I don't know which way is best to reach you, but I thought I'd just leave a comment here.

Well I really enjoyed the story you've written, although I have spotted quite a bit of language quirks, grammer and the such, of which I'd love to help you out with!

I'd love to proof-read (looking for and fix gramatical errors, as well as trying to make the reading experience a better flow) for you.

If you're interested, hit me up eg. on discord: Sproxxy#6662.

Thanks for the great story otherwise!


I look forward to more of this im intrigued with the characters especially killol and shiro 

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